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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

        Hello, and welcome to my Winter Driving page.

this is the kind of winter driving conditions that we will see, in my car,during the winter driving sessions.

In addition to the usual driving lessons that will get offered by a Qualified Driving Instructor, I also conduct a 'Winter Driving Lesson',for those of you that have not experienced these conditions yet, that takes place on the days when we get 'snowed in !'. 

The winter driving lesson covers all aspects of car control in both snowy and icy conditions, with the safe knowledge that your Driving Instructor is there to guide you.

Some knowledge about winter driving would have been studied for your theory test, however there is no substitute for the real thing.

snow chains being fitted to car tyres before a winter drive. you will talk about them with me especially on the winter driving session.

Many people feel that by just adding 'winter driving tyres' or the more tricky to fit 'snow chains' to their car, will make them safer on the road.

This however is not always the case !.

Winter driving is not quite that simple, but can be made less stressful with a little help from me. 

a winter scene with the typical snow covered car. we will encounter them during your winter driving lesson.

The confidence that you gain from driving in more challenging conditions, such as winter driving, also helps you when the weather is fine. This new found skill boosts your hazard perception and reduces stress levels that are associated with driving in general.

With a more relaxed approach to your driving, the enjoyment will be greater, and both you and your passengers will be safer. Winter driving is not to be underestimated.

The safer you are on the road, the less chance of being involved in a collision, and therefore a lower insurance premium could be gained.

Driving in an eco-friendly way will also be covered.

To book one of these winter driving lessons, just contact me on the snowy days, and I will arrange a time with you.

If you are having driving lessons with me during the 'dodgy' months,then this winter driving session may well become a part of your training, at your standard lesson rate.

play in the snow after your winter driving session.


For anybody wanting just the Winter Driving Experience please contact me for prices.

A discount will be given if you have previously driven with me.

There may also be various Special Offers.

You can also see me at my next event day.

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