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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.


For your peace of mind, I have undergone two enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Checks (CRB).

One for the AA Driving School and one for the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Both of these are kept up to date in accordance with regulations.

These Terms and Conditions are between you, the Student and Myself, the Instructor.

Driving Lessons will be paid for 48hrs in advance, unless agreed otherwise with myself.

Payments can be made by Cash, or Direct Bank Transfer.

A seperate receipt for any payments made can be issued upon request.

In line with most other Driving Schools, I operate a full and strict 48hr Cancellation Policy.

Should you need to cancel or re-arrange any lesson, I will require a full 48hrs notice.

If less than 48hrs is given, or the student fails to attend an agreed lesson, whether verbally or otherwise, the full cost of the lesson will be charged.

In accordance with Government Guidelines for Health and Safety in a close setting, I also implement their 48hr sickness exclusion.

To avoid spreading any infection or bug, especially vomiting and stomach bugs, you will need to be away from the car for a full 48hrs after the final symptoms have passed.

You would not want to become infected by someone else's bug, and possibly miss your Driving Test, or if I get infected, everyone loses out.

Any lesson cancelled at short notice, less than 48hrs, due to sickness, will also be charged at the full lesson price.

All payments for cancelled lessons must be made within 24hs of the cancelled session.

A £2 charge will be added for each day the payment is late. No further lessons will be given until all payments are up to date.

Any refunds requested for pre-paid lessons will be given by the same method that was originally paid.

Refunds will be issued within 14 days of the request date.

If the request is less than 48hrs from the next lesson, then that lesson will also be chargeable.

An administration charge of £25 will be added for any refund request.Any agreed sessions to compensate for late cancellations will only be given if continual sessions are taken, with no further breaks in regularity and no further late cancels.

Refunds will only be given if the balance due, after charges are removed is £10 or greater.

If a student has a break from lessons that are prepaid, and does not request a refund, under the terms listed above, the lessons will be honoured for upto 12 months from the last lesson. After that time, if no refund has been requested, the lessons will be forefitted.

If I feel that the student is NOT in a Fit and Proper state to be in control of a car,for any reason, I reserve the right, on the grounds of public safety, not to continue, or start any lesson.

If a lesson is cancelled by myself for this reason, then the full cost of that lesson will be charged.      

Lessons will start and finish at a location that has been agreed with the student prior to the lesson commencing.

If the student is not at the agreed location, or changes the location at short notice, then the time taken to reach the new location will be used as part of that lesson.

If I am running more than approx 10 min late for a lesson, I will text the student asap to advise them.

Any time that needs to be made up due to myself being late, will either be added to the end of the lesson, noted in the students progress book and used at a later date, or used as an existing booked lesson and any payment adjusted accordingly.

Any lesson cancelled in full, or part of a lesson, due to any vehicle issue, mechanical or electrical, will be made up for at a later, convenient time for the student, at NO Charge to them.

If a Driving Test is cancelled at short notice by the DVSA, for any reason, usually notified directly to the student, the booked lesson and Test allocated time on that day, will still go ahead as a normal lesson. This is weather permitting.

It is the students responsibility to ensure that they are aware of any Test Cancellation.

If the student does not wish to continue with that lesson, then the full cancellation charge will apply.

A compensation procedure is in place with the DVSA for short notice Test Cancellations.

I reserve the right to refuse to take a student to a test,at short notice, if I feel that the student is driving in a dangerous manner. This includes the day of the Test.

The student will be charged for this session at the full Lesson price.

If the student is late for any pre-paid lesson, the lesson will still terminate at the pre-arranged time.

If a lesson needs to be re-scheduled at short notice by myself for any reason, often a short notice Test booking, then I will try to arrange the new lesson as soon as possible.

It is the students responsibility to be aware and remember the times of arranged lessons to avoid charges for missing or forgetting them.

It is the students responsibility to have their progress books with them so that lesson times and any other relevant information can be added.

If the student has any concerns regarding any aspect of their lesson, then they need to make me aware of them as soon as possible to avoid them developing further and for them to be rectified as soon as possible.

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