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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

Privacy Policy

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From the 25th May 2018, a new European Law comes into effect relating to the type of personal information that is held on you, how much information, what we do with this information and how long we hold it for.

This is known as The General Data Protection Regulation.

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder), is Registered and is GPDR Compliant.

This Privacy Policy will explain our compliance to you.

To enable me to conduct my business in a professional and responsible manner, it is inevitable that I will require some contact details from you, the student.

I will not ask for, or keep any details that are not directly relevant to the running of my business and providing the Student with the service that they expect.

In compliance with the new GDPR this policy will list Hampshire Driving Lessons obligations to your Personal Data Security.

This information will be explained in a concise, transparent and intelligible manner.

I ,David Linder, is registered as the Data Controler and Processer for Hampshire Driving Lessons. 

The information that I have from you, the student, may include some, or all of these...

Full Name, Full Address, Work/College Address, 2nd Family Address,

Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address.

I do not keep your Driver Licence Details or any Banking Card Details.

I will not pass your details onto any third party without your permission, either verbally,sent by text or email.

Your details will be added to the AA Driving School Student List for Insurance Purposes.

My teaching vehicle is insured through the AA, who require your details in the event of any claim being made.

The AA Driving School Data Policy will be available to view on their website.

Information sent to me through my website, is covered by the websiste hosts Data Policy.

The website host is Vistaprint. This is a secure site.

Your IP address is collected each time you visit a website, it does not reveal personal data.

Cookies may be used to anonymously track visitors thtough a website.

Vistaprint Data Policy will be available to view on their website. 

Any personal information I have been given by the Student will be stored in one or more of the following methods....

Details kept on my phone, backed up on the i-cloud.

Apple Data Policy will be available to view on their website.

Details kept in the form of emails stored in my gmail account.

Google Data Policy will be available to view on their website.

Written names and numbers may also be kept in my daily diary/folder.

This will only be a name,address and contact number.

Physical Data, hard copy Data will all be completely destroyed after completion of all lessons.

A signature written in your progress pack is stored as a photo on my phone and backed up on the i-cloud and Google Photos.

Apple and Google Data Policy are available to view on their websites.

I will not post any photos relating to any student or student Data on any social media outlet.

A screen shot of your Driving Test Booking Confirmation may be held until after the date has elapsed.

No details of your driving progress will be discussed with any third party without your verbal consent, or your presence.

Your held Data will not be passed onto any third party, for any reason, including other Driving Instructors, without your prior agreement.

I am obligated by HM Customs and Revenue to keep some information for six years, for tax purposes.

This information will mainly include lesson purchases.

This information can be found in their policy document "keeping records for tax return"

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder) believes it is now compliant with the GDPR.

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder) believes it has lawful reason and good intent to have your details.

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder) will delete any information held during the time that driving lessons are being taken after approximately six months from the last lesson.

This includes all digital and physical Data.

This allows for further contact for possible post test training should it be requested at any time during the previous lessons.

You, the Student , has at anytime the right....

To be informed

Of access

to rectification

To erasure

To restrict processing

To data portability

To object

Not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiting.

Any correspondence to Hampshire Driving Lessons will be replied to well within the 30 day guidelines.

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder) will inform you directly of any Data breach.

Hampshire Driving Lessons (David Linder) will be vigilant at all times to ensure that all Data is secure.

A consent form will be given for you to sign also. This is not an alternative to reading this disclaimer.

It will confirm that you have read the terms and conditions page also.

Any third party person sitting in during a lesson, with permission from myself and the student, will not be permitted to use any recording or photographic device at any time.

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