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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

the DSA Pass Plus logo used to improve your skills. The pass plus scheme is mentioned in more detail in this site. This can be completed after your manual driving lessons.

Welcome to my Pass Plus Page.

Just by even looking at this page tells me that already you are thinking about developing your new found driving skills.

Pass Plus, and the Pass Plus scheme offered by Hampshire County Council, is aimed at new drivers within their 1st year on the road. The first few months after passing your driving test is generaly when you are most vunerable.

Having completed your Basingstoke Driving Lessons and the information that you learnt for your theory test will be invaluable for this stage of your development.

By taking part in the Pass Plus Scheme, you are going to have a much better attitude to your driving and to the other drivers around you.

a typical image of a multi lane motorway type road that we would cover on the Pass Plus scheme.this can be taken in your own car. the motorway driving session will also show these conditions. This can be completed with Hampshire driving lessons.

Although you have passed your driving test, there may still be some areas that you are not as confident with yet, and maybe some areas that you may well not have even covered with your regular Driving Instructor.

During your course of driving lessons with me, I will include as many real life situations as possible.

Motorway driving can now be included in your normal lessons from 4/6/18 at the discretion of your Instructor. Longer drives will be covered in this course.

Driving smoothly and in an eco-friendly manner will be covered.

Your effective observations skills will be put to full use.

The Pass Plus course, and Pass Plus Scheme consists of a six syllabus module.

The modules are, Introduction, Town driving, All-weather driving, Rural roads,

part of the pass plus scheme is night driving. we may do some night driving on your normal driving lessons

Night driving, Dual carriageways and Motorways.

A minimum of six hours is required, however more time can be given to any individual module, if we feel it is needed.

The night driving and the winter driving may not be able to be covered in full due to the time of year or day that your pass plus session takes place. If this is the case then we will discuss these aspects so that you will be confident when out on your own.

You can either use my Ford Focus or your own car. (it must be fully insured and m.o.t'd if required, and have enough fuel for the full session)

A training report form will be completed by me as the course is undertaken, and a copy given to you at the end.

A certificate will be sent to you from the D.S.A after completion.

Many insurance companies now participate in giving discounts and Special Offers to new drivers that have completed the course, as this shows a commitment to safer driving, as a life time skill.

For those of you that are between the ages of 17 & 24yrs, and live in the Hampshire postal area, I can give you information on the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus Scheme also.

For more information on either Pass Plus or the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus Scheme (Special Offers), then please contact me.

A discount is given as part of the scheme.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

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