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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

Welcome to my Motorway Driving page.

From 4/6/2018 a Learner Driver is allowed to experience Motorway Driving before passing their Practical Test.

This must be with a fully qualified Driving Instructor (not a trainee), in a car with Dual Controls and only at your Instructors discretion. 

motorway driving on todays roads. this will be covered on the pass plus course and during your theory test study.

The purpose of the Motorway Driving Sessions, is to give you the confidence and understanding of driving your car on these major road networks, and to help you to reach your destination safely and more relaxed.This confidence can be gained better by being introduced to motorways by a Qualified Driving Instructor.

The motorways can be a more efficient way of covering a long distance in a shorter time.

Your theory test study would have mentioned some things about motorway driving, however the theory is one thing, and the practical is another.

These driving sessions will cover everything from planning your journey to arriving at your destination. This will be broken down into easy to follow stages with more emphasis on the areas that you may require.

The Ford Focus is a great car for motorway driving,or you could use your own car.

This course will include eco-safe/eco-friendly driving also.

motorway signs are covered in detail during your motorway driving session, and also on the pass plus course. Some aspects are covered in your theory test study.

We will cover how to read various road signs,and make sure that you also understand their relevance. 

modern driving can rely too much on sat nav and not enough on map reading. this can be covered on your driving lessons. It will be mentioned on both pass plus and motorway driving sessions.

With the introduction of the Sat- Nav these days, fewer people use paper maps. However , the ability to map read and to have an alternative route that you can see can be a great advantage in many ways. I will show you how to do this if it is not a skill that you feel confident with.

Planning your route in advance can be made easier by using a traffic link web site. Try these for starters or

Driving on the motorway networks today is much different to when they first opened to the public in the early 60;s. The volume of traffic,and the speed of modern cars has advanced considerably.

Always be prepared for any eventuality or emergency when undertaking a long trip. A few items to carry should include a warning triangle, reflective vest, spare bulbs, a torch, a tow rope and jump leads and most of all an AA Breakdown Membership card.

a traffic jam on motorways is very common with todays driving. my motorway driving session covers this as does the pass plus course.

These items are especially helpfull for the actual car.If you have children with you, it is a great idea to have enough things with you to keep them occupied on long journeys. Traffic jams are very common.

flowery is a great way to remember your pre motorway safety checks. the motorway driving session will include these terms.

If you can remember the word 'FLOWERY', this will help you to make some very important safety checks before you even start your car journey on the motorway.

(F)uel....make sure you have enough for your journey. Service areas tend to be more expensive than in town to fill up ! .

keeping all of your exterior car lights clean is very important at all times. this is mentioned in your theory test study and will be covered during your general driving lessons.

(L)ights....keep them clean and make sure that they are correctly adjusted.

(O)il....check your oil level and other fluids when the car engine is cold, prior to any long journey.

(W) is important that there is enough water in the radiator , the screen wash and also for the driver to stay hydrated.Not enough water for you will cause dehydration and a loss in concentration.

(E)lectrics.... make sure that your car horn and the heater etc are all in working order.This includes all of the exterior lights too.

it is a legal requirement that your car tyres are are in a good condition. the highway code and yopur theory test study will emphasise this .

(R)ubber....all of the rubber items on your car must be in good condition. This is mainly your tyres and wiper blades. You do not want any cuts or bulges on your tyres, nothing stuck in them, a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across three quaters of the breadth and for the full circumference. Also check your spare !.

The wiper blades should clear the screen with out smearing, or juddering.

(Y)ourself.... be fit ,well and alert enough for the journey ahead.If you are on any medication then make sure that it will not cause drowsiness.

All of these points are relevant to every day driving as well.

slip roads will be covered on this driving session.

The significance of the 'hard shoulder' and how to enter and exit the motorway via the slip roads will be a major part of the sessions.

Being able to use speed correctly and lane discipline will be covered, as will spacial awareness.

road works are very common on the motorways today. this will be seen on both the motoeway and maybe the pass plus course.

The significance of the 'hard shoulder' and how to enter and exit the motorway via the slip roads will be a major part of the sessions.

Being able to use speed correctly and lane discipline will be covered, as will spacial awareness.

The variable speed cameras are usually positioned overhead, and painted bright yellow, in a similar way to ordinary cameras on both 'A' and 'B' roads.

Snow or just bad weather could be encountered on both the motorway driving session and the winter driving session. Knowing how to deal with these conditions on the motorway can be different to you being on an ordinary road.

snow ploughs are often seen on the motorways. we may see them during a normal driving lesson on residential roads,and during the winter driving session.

It is in the best interest for everybody that these roads are kept as clear as possible, and we frequently see snow ploughs out to do just that. Not everybody likes winter driving, but some times it needs to be done.

When finishing a motorway drive at higher speeds, it can be tricky to re adjust to more residential speeds, so this variation in surroundings will most definatley be covered.

These driving sessions are open to drivers of all standards, and will make you all safer on the roads.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have.

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