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Lessons tailored to your individual needs.

Driving in an Eco-Friendly (Eco-Safe) manner is a very important element to the practical driving test.

It not only helps to protect our enviroment, but it also helps to protect and prolong the life span of your car.

All new modern cars are designed with this in mind, especialy the Ford Focus Eco-Boost.

This is a proven and recognised style of driving that contributes to road safety, whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) that is produced by your car's engine ,is a contributory factor to climate change.

Reducing these emissions is far easier than many people think.

Basingstoke is a large town with many vehicles. We can all help.

Do not ignore the difference that you can make.

As a Qualified Driving Instructor I can help you. 

1. Identify hazards early.(effective observations).

Alow time to respond. Make braking and accelerating smooth and progressive. Maintain a safe space around your car and stay calm.

2. Make sure that your speed is appropriate to the road, weather and traffic conditions.

Inappropiate speed will affect your fuel consumption and emissions.

3. Try to use block gear changes as often as necessary. This means skipping gears at the correct time and at the correct speed. Use the highest gear possible without making the engine struggle.

4. Avoid over revving the engine in lower gears, especially when starting and moving away.

5. There is not always the need to maintain pressure on the accelerator. Try to allow the momentum of the car to carry it forward. Also avoid pumping the accelerator as this uses more fuel.

6. If the car is stationary for a long time, while waiting for someone, stuck in a traffic jam or at a level crossing, consider turning your engine off. When the engine is on and just ticking over, this is still wasting fuel and pumping out CO2.

Just by adopting these simple and basic styles and thoughts into your driving technique, you can help to save yourself money and save the planet...

our planet can be prorected by reducing CO2 emissions from your car during driving lessons.

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